Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TOB related insights

I am coming to recognize that for too many Catholics "Theology of the Body" means anything having to do with Catholics and sex, and "Natural Family Planning" (NFP) is understood as the "official" family planning method of the Catholic Church or of the Theology of the Body. In my naivete (and my ardent desire to help Catholics who are struggling with or poorly informed about the issues), I have been contributing to the confusion by posting NFP-friendly news items and articles about human sexuality that are consistent with the vision of the human person that Pope John Paul offered in the context of his master-work, the Theology of the Body.
From now on, I will now be curating this blog somewhat differently, especially during this hiatus of our TOB classes.
In future posts, I will indicate in the title or in an opening sentence how the post or article or link is related to the Theology of the Body, the main concern of this blog. If it presents Pope John Paul's teachings in a direct manner, it will be marked as "TOB"; if it supports the Pope's vision of the human person and pivotal human relationships (like that of marriage), it will be marked "TOB-related"; it if is refers to the science or psychology of family planning and related issues, I will attempt to simply express that in the title. However, my "labels" for the post may continue to read TOB, Theology of the Body, NFP, etc. because these are the terms people will most likely use on search engines, and people who are looking for those terms are probably going to be interested in the content of the post even if the label is inaccurate.

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