Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Theology of the Body Overview: Now Online!

For the first three weekends of May, we had extra sisters on hand in Chicago as the Theology of the Body overview program unfolded, Saturday after Saturday. Sister Teresa and Sister Domenica came from the motherhouse video department, loaded down with cameras and lighting equipment. While I (Sister Anne) ran a single camera for the webstream, they were getting everything with two cameras. Now back at the motherhouse, they will be editing the footage into a more elegant presentation. When that's ready, we'll have (God willing) both a DVD program for use in parishes, and a higher quality set of archived classes for you online.

Each two-hour class looks at one "chapter" or subdivision of Pope John Paul's rather massive book. There are still a couple of "patches" where the stream broke off and I had to put the remainder of the class in a separate file. The patches are open to the public, so if you are not sure you are ready yet to commit to anything behind a paywall, you can get a sample of the content and the presenter's style from these. Those who joined us in Chicago were very enthusiastic over what they learned, and we hope to work again with Father Sprott in the future, though not on a TOB topic.

The whole program (the one-camera version) is archived now on the TOB-TV Channel, so you can catch what you missed or review the whole thing; if you registered for a class,  you have continuing access to it--whenever and as often as you like.

Don't forget  that we also have an active  TOB "community" on Google+ with over 150 members. This is a place for sharing your more in-depth reflections and questions on issues related to the Theology of the Body. Please join today!

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Sara Hulse is a graduate student in the John Paul II Institute for Studies of Marriage and the Family (in other words, a Vatican-established graduate school devoted entirely to the Theology of the Body). When our sisters went to Washington DC for the launch of the new translation of Love and Responsibility, they interviewed some of the students. (Look for more of these insights on future TOB Tuesdays!)