Monday, December 22, 2008

Silent Movie

We had microphone problems during the December session, so all we have to share with you are silent movies. You can tell how hard we tried to fix things by the number of videos, but ...
In January we will again be short-handed; hopefully the same thing will not happen two times in a row.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

TOB class November 12

Here are Sr. Helena's notes from the class and here is the chat box transcription from the stream which took place two days later. (I was out of town and hadn't yet taught Sr. Helena how to do streaming video, so she just recorded it on video. And boy, was it hard to prepare for the streaming: everything kept going wrong! You'd think "someone" didn't want this message to get out!)

TOB class October 8

For some reason, the archive video from September does not work. We are very sorry about this. This might be the chat room transcription from that session.
Here is Father Loya's class from October:

Sr. Helena was out of town, so there are no prepared notes from this class (again, sorry!), but here is the chat room transcription.

TOB class June 11

In the book, page 177 up to Chapter 2.
See Sr. Helena's notes from this class ; I can't find a chat room transcription for this session.

TOB class May 14

See Sr. Helena's notes from this class
and the chat room transcription.

Video streaming began with this class, but our study group had already met two or three times. Read Sr. Helena's notes from the April class here and the chat room transcription.