Thursday, May 5, 2011


How Theology of the Body brought blogger Jennifer Fulwiler and her husband into the Catholic Church (she from atheism, he a fallen-away Baptist):
Despite the fact that I found this religion to be imminently [sic] reasonable, I still couldn’t convert until I saw some kind of evidence that its doctrines were divinely-guided, as it claimed they were. After months of reading, I discovered the writings of John Paul II, specifically his Theology of the Body. What I found was a counter-cultural, brilliant yet counter-intuitive wisdom like I’d never encountered before. Reading his words made me feel like he had access to some secret owner’s manual to the human soul. It was the pebble that tipped the scales. Taken in total, I didn’t believe that humans could come up with this unfathomable body of wisdom on their own; I saw divine intervention. My husband and I both became Catholic at Easter Vigil in 2007.

From the Washington Post; read the rest here.

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