Wednesday, November 11, 2009

From Sr Anne:
I have just had my first appearance as a member of the "guest blogging team" for the Chicago Tribune's religion blog. My post is a response to a Tribune cover story on the predicament of couples who resort to IVF to resolve their infertility problems, and then face questions about the embryos that may never be born.
If y'all could visit the site, comment on it and let others know about it, that could confirm the Tribune in its willingness to support religious dialogue like this. It would also ramp up my credibility(!), and--most importantly--allow the conversation to go deeper.
I am especially concerned that comments from Catholics show pastoral concern for couples who are in this predicament, since all I did, really, was look at the predicament from an objective sort of stance. That's never enough when you're talking about people's actual lives.

Here's the link:

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