Friday, May 29, 2009

Christopher West follow-up

The "Nightline" piece aired this month stirred up quite a controversy--among advocates of the Theology of the Body, of all people! Some very noteworthy persons spoke none to favorably of West's presentations, approach and style. Some of these persons even made those declarations simply on the basis of hearsay; others after having heard West's earliest efforts. More recently, two of the world's top TOB scholars defended West's work for its orthodoxy, addressing other criticisms as well.
If you have spent any time whatever worrying about the matter, please be sure to read Dr. Janet Smith and Dr. Michael Waldstein (translator of the Pope's work) as they weigh in on West.
This group is not advocating one approach or style over another: "Whoever is not against us is with us" was good enough for the Lord. We will applaud all efforts to bring the life-changing truth of the Theology of the Body to our culture.

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